Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Africa Association St. Gallen is a student association at the University of St. Gallen.

Officially founded and accredited at the University of St. Gallen in 2020.

The aim of the Africa Association is to promote a solution-oriented dialogue between decision-makers of today and tomorrow and young academics. The basic idea of the Africa Association is that its members realize the core concern and guiding ideas of enabling stimulating debates between “change makers”. The student initiative creates a place where new approaches and alternatives are sought, and concrete action is encouraged in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. This is deliberately not a matter of looking for patent solutions, but rather of constructively addressing current issues in the economic, political, scientific and social environment in Africa. There ismmore opportunity to reflect on and analyse current developments.

We bring together leaders and visionaries with outstanding young hopefuls to address opportunities and challenges and develop approaches to solutions.

The Africa Association St. Gallen is composed of active members and passive members. The former is referred to people who are involved in the organisation, such as the active team (board and team members) and the advisory board. The latter are people who are passively part of the association and always welcome to join the events organised by the active members.

The Association has five departments.

  • Corporate Partnerships and Finance Team
  • Speaker Acquisition and Relations Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Events Team
  • IT department (only one person)

To join as active member, you have to go through a recruitment and selection process (send us a request e-mail with your CV – contact@africa-association.org. Later on you will have an interview with the President and the respective department head). Otherwise, you can join as passive member. To do so you have to sign up here. 

Once you have done that, you will be added to the WhatsApp group chat and to our Newsletter. The WhatsApp group chat is only accessible if you are a student or alumni of the University of St. Gallen.


NB: to apply as board member you need to spend at least a year as an active team member!


    Yes, one has the possibility to receive credits, however it’s only possible as a board member. Unfortunately, that is not possible if you are just an active or passive member. The association is working to make sure that every active team member can request campus credits in the future.

    The purpose of the Association is to bring Africa to the forefront at the University of St. Gallen. Its goal is to change the current narrative on Africa and offer students, academicals, locals and external people the opportunity to get in touch with current African change makers. This is possible by joining our events. The range of events offered go from business/political to social events. However, the main event is the yearly Africa Summit at the University of St. Gallen.

    The Africa Summit is a unique event at the University of St. Gallen where one has the opportunity to attend various interesting presentations and panel discussions on current relevant business topics in Africa. Professionals and visionaries take part in these conferences to give HSG students and attendees the opportunity to get to know a part of Africa that is not often enough represented by the media: a continent full of incredible opportunities and very interesting endeavours by multinational corporations, investors, and startups.

    Past Africa Summits have resulted in a huge success. You can find more about it under the section About us and Past Summits. 

    No, the africa summit is a public event; anyone who is interested is more than welcome to join!

      Yes, you can, any help we can get is very much appreciated. However, we are not able to fully remunerate you for the rendered work.

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