History of The Africa Summit at HSG 

Founded by the student association AIESEC in 2016, and annually organised by the recently established Africa Association St. Gallen. The Africa Summit St. Gallen marks an annual highlight. Brings together change makers of today and future ones to discuss the opportunities that the continent has to offer.

Unlocking Africa's Hidden Potential
The participation of around 15 speakers enabled a further discovery of today's Africa potentials. The multiple presentations and panel discussions allowed the participants to identify opportunities from areas such as sustainable entrepreneurship, private equity and venture capital.



Investing in Africa


This year's Summit will focus on key challenges and solutions for investing in Africa. How can some of the continent's brightest ideas shape the future of Africa? To what extent are challenges in Africa embedded in a global interdependent system?

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Investing in Africa

After two years of absence, we were finally back with a new team and new ambitions. 
The focus of this year's Summit was “Investing in Africa”. We wanted to hear the opinions of big investors but also young entrepreneurs on this hot topic to provide a deeper insight. Africa's journey,


Regional Solutions to Global Changes

Through exciting panels and inspiring speeches, the Africa Summit 2018 will shed light on these questions and provide a platform for exchange on different perspectives to enable participants to have an understanding of Africa’s versatility and capabilities.


Technology for Change


This year’s theme is Technology for Change: how actors across a broad spectrum of fields are harnessing the power of technology to provide innovative solutions to today and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We hope to promote visions which discuss how technology can be leveraged to foster positive, sustainable and long-term economic growth and social impact.”

The Rising Millennials

AIESEC St. Gallen is honoured to introduce the first student-run conference in Switzerland on Africa’s economical growth. The Summit is aimed at students, academics and entrepreneurs, which are interested in Africa’s economy and want to know more about Africa’s evolving business pattern. Registrations for the Summit will be available online and will also be made accessible on November 14th at the University of St. Gallen. 




"It was an excellent summit in every sense.The African Summit was very inclusive, highly engaging, and offered one of the most diverse learnings and networking experience."

—  Catherine Mahugu